For your convenience our office located in the heart of NYC. Operating hours are listed below!



If you’re looking for service which isn’t listed below, please send us a message!


  •      Personal Federal tax returns
  •      Personal State tax returns
  •      Local tax returns
  •      Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for your business
  •     Corporate Tax Returns 
  •      We E-file all returns
  •      Preparation of all tax returns from most complicated with attachments of all necessary schedules to the straightforward 1040 to be filled for Federal, State and City agencies. 
  •      Your refund or payment due can be automatically processed through your bank.


  • We speak Polish, English and Spanish language
  • Quick and convenient Tax Filing
  • Knowledgeable Staff
  • Extensive Tax related expertise
  • Two offices for your convenience
  • 25 years of experience